Queer Saints

During our zikr circles we have readings from the saints that we feel particularly drawn to. They are usually gender or sexuality non-conforming, breaking the norms of society at their times and were highly spiritual people, we seek their wilayah – their spiritual friendship, and we ask Allah to send peace and blessings on them after our Zikr circles.

The saints we seek the blessings of include: (click on names for more info)

Hazrati Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi & Hazrati Shamsi Tabrizi

Hazrati Rabia Al-AdawiyyahHazrati Fatima of Cordoba

Hazrati Shah Hussain & Hazrati Madho Lal

Hazrati Amir Khusro & Hazrati Nizamuddin Auliyya

Hunkar Hajji Bektash Veli & Hazrati Pir Balim Sultan 

Hz. Abdal Musa Sultan & Hz. Kizildeli Sultan 

Pir Kaygusuz Sultan & Ibrahim Baba Farajajé

May Allah shower them with Peace and Blessings. Amin

We always look for more information on saints that can be considered Queer or non-Normative and we seek their spiritual blessings.


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