Eid Milaad-e Isa Mubaarak – Happy Christmas

jesusHazrati Isa Ibn-e Maryam was a working class person of colour who broke with the heteronormative conventions of his time. He never married, kept the company of men and women, and fought patriarchy, capitalism, misogyny and traditional religious hegemony. He didn’t care who claimed authority, whether they be state powers or religious, he called out oppression wherever he saw it. He was willing to die for this cause. While we’re busy having our family meals and swapping gifts, lets stop to remember that Jesus didn’t make distinctions between family and friends, his friends were his closest companions and were his family of choice. Women unveiled in his presence, and no matter what people had done they could come to him and know the truth of the inner path of spirituality, free from the traps of organised religion. Despite differences of theological opinion regarding his nature, the Qur’an calls him “kalimatullah” – The Divine Word – given as a miracle to Maryam (who herself is a prophet), and we ca

25659800_1276131962532575_8750669909473847220_nn even find the inner meaning in the idea

that he is God made flesh. Whilst the Divine does not beget sons, nonetheless everything is its face, everything is its image, Jesus’ life teaches us how to reflect that of God in everyone, and is the path of letting go of external attachments.
Merry Christmas
Eid Milaad-e Isa Mubaarak
Hazreti Isa’nin Bayram Mubarek Olsun
Gëzuar Krishtlindjet

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