Our 2018 Schedule of Events

Ramadan Mubarak and Happy Pride Month!

We’re pleased to announce our schedule of events over the next few months. Our Ijtihad (independent reasoning) sessions will be held first Sunday of each month, and Our New-Moon Zikir (devotional meditation) sessions will be held Thursday nearest to each new Hijri month; as follows:

1 Jul 2018: Ijtihad of Shahadah (unity)
12 Jul: New Moon Zikir
5 Aug: Ijtihad of Zakat (charity)
9 Aug: New Moon Zikir
2 Sep: Ashura & Justice
6 Sep: New Moon Zikir
4 Oct: New Moon Zikir
7 Oct: Ijtihad of Hajj (pilgrimage)
4 Nov: Ijtihad of Wilayah (friendship)
8 Nov: New Moon Zikir
6 Dec: New Moon Zikir

The venues will be confirmed prior to each event.
Visit our meetup page [http://meetup.com/queermuslims]
to view further details, join our group and/or RSVP.

London Queer Muslims 🌷