Principles of the Bektashi Path: according to Hajji Bektash Veli

Principles of the Bektashi Path:

according to Hajji Bektash Veli

Seek and find

This means to never stop trying, keep looking for the answers and resolutions until you find them.

Whatever you do, do it for the Truth. 

Live with integrity and strive to find the truth in every situation.

There exists in you a “there is” to replace every “there isn’t.” 

There is nothing but Allah, Allah fills all creation and Their face is wherever you turn, in the East and the West. The Shahadah begins with the statement La – There isn’t, and contains within it the Illa – except.

The one who walks the Path never tires. 

We never tire of striving on the Path of Islaam, because it constantly teaches us and betters us, even when we feel like giving up.

There is no rank or station higher than the Friend’s heart. 

No person is above us, only the Friend, the one who reflects The Divine to us, holding a mirror to our hearts and encouraging us, that person is the greatest authority that could possible exist in this life, they are the Friend of The Divine, the Waliyullah. That is why we say “Ash-hadu an ‘Ali Waliyullah” because nobody higher (Al-‘Ali) than the Friend of Allah (Waliyullah).

The one who is wise but doesn’t share his wisdom is ignorant. 

There are those who think they know, that when they are told they are wise become arrogant and proud, they do not know. The one who believes they know nothing yet in reality knows everything we need to know on the Path, for they share all with everyone believing they know nothing.

To the ignorant, abandoning what is no longer needed is death;

to the wise it is birth. 

We give up our behaviours and beliefs that drag us down, rejoicing in our past mistakes, for they were in reality not mistakes at all, but lessons from our Divine Sustainer (Rabb).

There is no repentance of repentance. 

We should never tire of seeking forgiveness, for seeking the help and critique of our Friends on the Path.

Let your heart, your hand, and your table be open to others. 

Always be generous with friendship, kindness, love, respect, finances, accommodation and sustenance.

Look for the key to all within your deepest being. 

There is the seed of Al-‘Aql (the Divine Intellect) at the foundation of our being, Allah breathes Their essence into our soul at every moment, therein we find the Fatiha (the Opening). Salaah (connection) is our external practice to use that key, giving us time to reflect and be receptive to the Divine within.

Whatever you seek, look within. 

Turn only within, to the qualities of the Divine which are breathed into our being.

Do not forget your enemy is also a human being. 

The Human Being is our Qibla, if our enemy is also a human being, that means they are also a reflection of the Divine face.

The beauty of human beings is the beauty of their words. 

Love the words of each other, not their physical traits.

If the path appears dark, know that the veil is in your own eyes. 

Our darkest moments are the times we can transform the most, our lack of trust veils us from seeing this.

All blessings upon the one who overlooks another’s shortcomings. 

It is natural to be impatient and angry with others when they fall short of our expectations, but when we become fixed on those shortcomings we keep ourselves away from blessing and knowledge, for those shortcomings are a lesson to us from Allah. Therefore we bless a thousand times those who let us down.

Do not hurt others, even if you are hurt. 

On our path we do not pursue revenge or retribution, for only Allah is the Sovereign of the Age of Recompense (Maliki yawmid Din)

Hand-in-hand, hand in Truth. 

We remain united as a community of Lovers, supporting each other on the Path and in our quest for Truth.

One hour of meditation is better than seventy years of piety. 

One hour spent meditating on the name of the Divine (Allah) is better than seventy years of adherence to the external law, especially if one does not have Imaan and does not seek the Beautiful, Ihsaan.