During our zikr circles we invoke the blessings of, invite their essence to attend our circle, and read from the saints that we feel particularly drawn to. They are usually gender or sexuality non-conforming, breaking the norms of society at their times and were highly spiritual people, we seek their wilayah – their spiritual friendship, and we ask Allah to send peace and blessings on them as part of our Salwat.

The saints we honour at LQM include: (click on names for more info)

Hazrati Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi & Hazrati Shamsi Tabrizi

Hazrati Rabia Al-Adawiyyah & Hazrati Fatima Fihmi

Hazrati Shah Hussain & Hazrati Madho Lal

Hazrati Amir Khusro & Hazrati Nizamuddin Auliyya

Hunkar Hajji Bektash Veli & Hazrati Pir Balim Sultan

Hz. Abdal Musa Sultan & Hz. Kizildeli Sultan

Pir Kaygusuz Sultan & Ibrahim Baba Farajajé

May they be showered with Peace and Blessings. Allahallah

We always look for more information on saints that can be considered Queer or non-Normative and we seek their spiritual blessings.