Queer Muslims


London Queer Muslims is the Uk’s only Islamic organisation run exclusively by and for religious LGBTI+ Muslims.

We run “Majlis-e Aashiqaan” which is our Sufi Circle, for which we have the full blessing, permission and support from an authorised Bektashi Baba in Istanbul.

Our circle is a space for Queer Muslims to learn and practice the Islamic path of Love.

We affirm our queerness, sexualities and non-normativities as a source of empowerment. our identities are fully realised through the practice of an expression of Islam that is accepting and loving and where queerness is pivotal to our faith.

Rather than accept “inclusion” or “integration” into cisgendered and heteronormative spaces, we place a strong emphasis on trans, intersex, non-binary,  lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual and asexual leadership and participation. Our cisgendered and heterosexual allies are by all means welcome!

By centralising the intersection of Queer and Muslim experiences in our group, we address some of the problems Queer Muslims experience in other spaces.

All our decisions are conducted by consensus and our services are carried out by our regular attendees (aashiqaan), with no single person in authority.

Each ijtihad discussion group has a set topic based on the concept of Independent Reasoning and Consensus Building with a specific emphasis on Queer Istislah (common interest) and Istihsan (seeking the good). We discuss ways to practice and understand Islam from the standpoint that queerness is empowering, in fact we assert that it is the patriarchal heteronormative structures that truly oppress us, not Islam. These meetings generally take place in an informal setting in a lovely Turkish delicatessen in Waterloo. Our monthly social group meets in an alcohol free bar/cafe in Central London.

Contact us for information on our venues and dates.

The Prophet said:

“Islam began as something strange and will return to being something strange, so give blessing to those who are strange”

“Fa tuba lil ghuraba”

“Blessings to those who are strange!”

“When you decide to stand against injustice, expect that you will be cursed then accused of treason, then unbelief. But don’t you dare stay silent about injustice just so you can be described as a man of peace.” Ali Shariati



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